Website Management

The First Step to Online Presence

Online presence is everything. Whether you want to start a business, be a successful free-lancer, or sell your art, almost every endeavor requires some knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing, whether it’s your field or not. In short, mastering how to use the internet to your advantage is not optional if you want to be successful regardless of your goal. It’s your reputation, your visibility, and how you’re perceived.

In this series, we will explore some of the fundamental and nuances of what makes some websites work while others fail. More broadly, we will talk about business and online success and the pitfalls to avoid in getting there.

If you can hold attention with your website, your online presence can conquer the internet.

We’ve heard it said that time is precious, but equally important is attention. If you can grab your audience’s attention and hold it, you’re doing more than having them invest their time into you: they are investing their energy. An Audience that is invested in you is an audience that remembers you, likes you, buys from you, and returns to pay more attention to you. You’re only as big as your online presence and your presence is only as large as the audience that pays attention to you. Who and what we listen to is habitual and understanding this and how it applies to SEO, your website, and to your business or project is paramount in conquering the internet.

With this in mind, SEO campaigns and other advertising efforts amount to little if you don’t start by having a website that captures people’s attention. There are many crucial ingredients here, but the first is Authenticity. In person, video, audio, or even in text, people can “smell” when someone or something seems phony. It’s part of our innate and age-old natural defenses against conmen and huxters. Those who are scammed, lose–and this defensive instinct has resulted in a hyper-vigilance against phoniness. Being full of such scams, people are especially wary on the Internet.

Award-winning brand consultant Simon Mainwaring notes that, “The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability.” Your brand doesn’t have to be a company. It could be your Yoga studio, but it could also be an organization dedicated to helping the needy, or selling costumes for cats–it doesn’t matter! Authenticity doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, a website that’s built around genuine enthusiasm will exude an attractive energy that is engaging and memorable.

As we continue to cover the keys to a strong online presence and take a look at the tips and tricks that have made others successful (or just become “internet famous”), we will see how you can follow in their path–and make your own, as you journey towards cyber ubiquity!


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