Online Business

7 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd Online

To have a potent online presence, you need to have your essentials in good order: social media, functioning links on your site, an attractive layout, etc. They are certainly a crucial foundation, but it’s not enough to master the basics, you need to have an online presence that stands out from the crowd. This is about the questions you need to be asking of your business or website in order to get noticed. Standing out from the crowd can include one or more of:

  1. Novel: A product, service or perspective that no one else is offering

No one else sells seashells that double as bluetooth speakers? Great! You’ve got something original (for now). Be wary of this avenue. You’re only unique until someone copies you.

  1. Stylistic: Aesthetics or tone that are unique to you

A fresh approach, layout, and atmosphere can mean everything, especially if what you’re providing is directly related. For instance, a consulting firm or marketing group may benefit more from excellent aesthetics and verbiage on and around their website than a dentist’s office.

  1. Premium: Extraordinarily high quality–and the reputation that comes with it

Simple in theory, but difficult to achieve and nearly impossible to prove. Do you have the potential for a growing reputation of quality and excellence? Can you encourage patrons to leave positive reviews and testimonials when possible?

  1. Cheap: Fiercely competitive prices

Nothing is better than cheap (except free)! Undercutting competitors is as old as the free market but if you can do it well without sacrificing as much quality, you have an important edge!

  1. Legacy: A long history of market presence, brand loyalty and/or easy recognition.

“Tide” is a word as well associated with laundry detergent as it is with a natural function of coastlines. Building such a brand was certainly not easy. Remember: Size + Time it’s survived equals the legacy of your brand.

  1. Innovative: A ground-breaking improvement upon tried-and-true methods or products

This can seem similar to “Novel” but this is less about being niche and unique and more about finding a revised method to deliver on a time-tested product. Uber might be in this category. Everyone knew about Taxi cabs, but Uber took an entirely different approach…

  • Attrition: Successful online presence is the beneficiary of a well-funded advertising campaign.

Let’s face it: throwing money at a problem sometimes works.

There may be rare occasions where an organization, business, or professional has a website and overall online presence thanks to some other factor, but generally: every time a business has a strong and positive online presence, it’s thanks to one or more of these 7 reasons.

SEO does NOT exist in a vacuum. There is no magic bullet for ranking highly on any search engine. To conquer the internet with your presence, you need to have a presence worth paying attention to. Why should someone spend their valuable time on your website instead of any other–or indeed, closing their laptop altogether. What are you offering people that is worth them paying attention to that no one else is offering (at least in the same way)?

Where does your organization have the potential to increase your use of one of these 7 factors?

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