Website Management

Your Website’s Blind Spots (and how to get rid of them)

blind spots.jpg

Business owners and everyone else who relies on their website to be successful and visible to the public knows how important it is to keep an eye on their website. What does it mean to ‘keep an eye’ on something that is ultimately made of zeros and ones? It means you’re limited to the non-digital lens of the human eye.

The integrity of a website

Broken links, slow-downs, and browser compatibility issues are among the many issues that can plague your website without being obvious to the naked eye; these are your website’s “blind spots”. Such blind spots are one of the main reasons why otherwise well-managed small businesses and professionals struggle with a stagnate online presence. Search engines use various algorithms to determine how to rank websites. Even with a well-funded SEO (search engine optimization) campaign, your website may find it’s way to the back of the line time and again until you’ve sorted out the internal issues your website faces. To stay on top of these issues, we recommend investing a website monitoring software-service like Soliciti. More on that in a bit.

Broken links & broken dreams

Hyperlinking text over to other website’s can be both logical and necessary. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to make sure that every link is working properly without constant micro-management or needing to wait until a client mentions the break. The same is true of media that fails to display properly. A sound loop, image, or animation can be essential for the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Automated website monitoring services are designed to constantly be looking for such snags–and alert you when they find them. To complicate matters further, a piece of media or link that appears to be working in your browser may not be working in others–or on other devices.

Awareness is the secret ingredient…

Just as you can’t fix a leaky pipe if you don’t know about, you can’t secure your website or prevent the many things that could go wrong if you aren’t made aware. In the digital age, a well-maintained automation program like Soliciti remains your best bet to the the first person to know about anything that could be causing your site to be less than completely professional and therefore presentable.

Regardless of what method you choose to “keep an eye” on your website, make sure that is includes these criteria:

  1. Affordable on your budget
  2. Comprehensive enough to cover elements from security to compatibility and everything in between.
  3. Is easily implemented and doesn’t intrude in your day-to-day operations.

Be smart. Do your research. Protect your website. Conquer the Internet.


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